Why Work with Kristen?

Kristen Johnson Brogan is a Registered Dietitian and Professional Speaker for her family owned health and performance company, On Target Living. Kristen speaks on the subjects of happiness, mindful living, and performance. Kristen primarily works with corporate groups, organizations, young professionals, and associations to improve engagement, productivity, and performance.
Kristen promotes a lifestyle to individuals and businesses large and small, where you really can have it all. Her message is centered on mindful eating, mindful moving, and mindful living.

As the Chief Nutrition Officer of On Target Living, Kristen participates in a multi- million dollar business conducting speaking, training, and consulting with corporations around the world. She shares the company mission to help 1,000,000 people transform their lifestyle and experience the power of feeling their best. Currently Kristen, along with her dad Chris and twin-brother Matt, connect with close to 100,000 people a year in keynotes and corporate trainings and have worked with over 100 fortune 500 companies. .

Kristen is uniquely equipped to address organizations, Women’s Leadership and Development Conferences, Millennial Workforces, Health and Wellness initiatives, as well as schools and university settings.

Kristen has packaged her message into a unique formula that gets people to take action and live better in all aspects of life—professional life, work life, personal life, and social life. Kristen inspires and motivates her audiences to live happier, healthier, more engaged, and more purposeful lives, which in turn makes them and their company more successful. Kristen has a gift for teaching people how to live healthy without making sacrifices. Kristen consistently ranks as the top audience pick during conferences and training events during post program surveys.
Kristen is a Registered Dietitian and Author of Target to Table: Delicious & Healthy Meals One Superfood at a Time.

Prior to On Target Living, Kristen worked with many large organizations such as Delta Airlines, Notre Dame University, American Diabetes Association, and Chicago Public Schools as a Corporate Dietitian consulting on health, wellness, and eating habits.

Over the years, Kristen has become the leading authority on mindful eating, mindful moving, and mindful living.

When you live better, life is better