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The place where health and performance meet
On Target Living is a health and performance company that works with organizations and individuals to transform their performance from the inside out. The On Target Living lifestyle is centered on rest and rejuvenation, quality nutrition and daily movement practices to increase focus, energy, and drive. In this podcast, Chris and Kristen will provide listeners with the tools to unlock potential, transform lifestyle, and empower them to perform at their highest level. Their small steps to healthy living approach, is designed to educate, engage, and inspire people around the world.

Here your hosts, Chris Johnson, International Keynote Speaker and Kristen Johnson Brogan, Chief Nutrition Officer & Motivational Speaker, share the secrets to living a healthy lifestyle that is effortless and sustainable.

Mindfully Delicious Podcast

A lifestyle that blends awareness and “flavor" to find more balance
In the United States, we are a country that is overfed but undernourished, both physically and mentally. It seems many of us are trying to find the right “ingredients" in this over processed fast-paced world. But, with so much information out there on top of new diets and workout trends, it can be hard to know what program or plan is right for you. How can you easily live healthier and happier, and maintain a healthy work-life balance? How do you add more purpose and meaning to your life? How do you lose weight or fix the issues that may be holding you back from reaching your goals and true potential? What is the solution?

Being your best self comes down to one simple thing called “lifestyle.” But more than that, it’s a lifestyle that’s full of awareness and “flavor.” It’s a lifestyle where you can blend thoughtfulness with healthy food to find more balance. A lifestyle called Mindfully Delicious.

Mindfully Delicious is a lifestyle podcast created by Kristen Johnson Brogan, RDN LDN, ACE-PT, Author, Superfood Chef, Professional Speaker & Chief Nutrition Officer for On Target Living and Angela Johnson, MSTOM, MPH, Lac, Dipl OM, founder of re:balance, & practitioner of integrative medicine at Rush University Medical Center.