Keynotes range from 60-90 minutes in length and can be tailored to meet your needs or event theme

Kristen's message allows people to live a more balanced and happier life. Kristen doesn’t just provide valuable content —she weaves in stories throughout to create behavior change and transformation.

Hungry For Happiness: How Food Can Fill You With Health and Happiness?

What is the secret to happiness? This is the million-dollar question researchers, scientists, and philosophers have been trying to figure out for years. Is it success, career, money, family, new car? Of course, these are all wonderful things but they unfortunately fail to provide deeper, longer lasting happiness.

In this powerful keynote, Kristen will share a unique secret for lifelong happiness.
She’ll reveal how food can be a direct path to a mindful and meaningful life. Kristen will uncover myths and beliefs centered around happiness and will help you to unlock a life of true bliss and intentionality.

Participants will find that the secret to finding happiness, may be right in front of them, and it’s in their power to reach out, grab it, and never let it go.

Flow: Experience Your Best Self Through Mindful Living

What would life be like if you could enter your most productive, creative mental state at will? In this presentation, Kristen will teach you how to combine mindfulness, food, and movement to build your best self.

Within the first 37 seconds, Kristen will have you hanging on to her every word as she brings her authentic personality, stories, and humor to engage and captivate.
Kristen will share key ideas and a series of breakthrough insights to help you to create positive momentum and enter into a “Flow State” where happiness and health feel effortless. Most importantly, Kristen will leave you with simple action steps for achieving a continuous state of movement and growth in both your personal and professional life.

Mindful Living Participants will leave the room energized and equipped to use what they’ve learned at work, at home, and in everyday situations.

Mindful Leadership: How to Become a Leader Who Stays Present and Calm in a Sea of Chaos and Stress

Focus and follow through are becoming increasingly rare skills in our "always on" digital environment. Constant distractions (chats, tweets, beeps, emails, texts, etc) magnify stress and mess up our best intentions. Stress, anxiety, depression, and work/life imbalances are rampant inside most organizations. How can a leader produce results, inspire a team, and handle their environment without focus, follow through, and a clear, calm mind?
Kristen will share the secrets to becoming a mindfully present leader who can handle complex situations (and emotions) with intentional focus in this hugely insightful and practical keynote.

It's time to expand your emotional intelligence, learn to control your mental state, turn negatives into positives and become a more effective leader who excels in stressful situations (AKA: a thing called life).

Come expand your emotional intelligence, learn to control your mental state, turn negatives into positives and become a more effective leader who excels in stressful situations.

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Without action, a presentation only lasts until the last person leaves the room. Kristen combines engagement, education, and her authentic personality to create a transformational experience for years to come.


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