Conference Catering with Superfood Chef & Dietitian

Looking to make your next conference or team meeting a total home run? Let Kristen Brogan, Registered Dietitian, Superfood Chef, Mindful Eating Expert, and Author of Target To Table cater your event to include healthy, delicious, and energizing meals and snacks your group is sure to love. Her focus is centered on creating healthy and beautiful dishes that taste delicious!

Kristen can work directly with your venue to coordinate healthy food and beverage items to be served during your event to create a more engaging and result-driven experience. Healthier food choices allow participants to see and taste first- hand how nutrient rich superfoods can improve their energy, focus, and performance. This experience also provides participants with simple and easy ways for incorporating healthier foods into their daily lives.

To make it an experience that lasts, Kristen's cookbook and mindful eating guide can also be offered for participants as a take home action item.

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Sample Dishes

All items found in the Target To Table Cookbook

Sample Lunch or Dinner Menus

Chicken Menu

Salmon Menu


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